ML+C’s approach focuses on working cooperatively with our client’s customers to recover outstanding payments early in the debt cycle. It helps our clients maintain a positive relationship and reduces the cost of legal action.

Our services include:

  • data cleansing: ensuring customer records are up to date and consistent with publicly available records
  • debtor profiling: analysing debtor information to categorise debtor types and tailor recovery process
  • revenue recovery: issuing final payment notices and letters of demand, as well as following up debtors with phone calls, SMS or email
  • revenue management: negotiating, administering and monitoring of payment plans
  • locating debtors: through skip tracing methods or field calls.

Other services include:

  • resolving complex issues: working with you to recover funds if possible and/or resolving files with difficult and sensitive circumstances, such as deceased estates and deregistered companies
  • assisting with credit management policies.

Types of debt

ML+C recovers a broad range of debt, including:

  • parking offences
  • recovery of assets that are subject to pecuniary orders
  • unpaid supplier accounts
  • unpaid membership fees.

For our local government clients, we recover:

  • council rates
  • general and sundry debts
  • unpaid registrations for food and health
  • failure to vote at council elections
  • special charges – street construction
  • child and aged care
  • council parking infringements
  • animal infringements.